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Welcome to Coprodnet

We are an interdisciplinary academic and practitioner network researching co-production, a theme in public policy which is increasingly in the news. The network's first conference was held on 4 November 2010 at the University of Manchester. In the spirit of co-production and collaboration, we invite you to edit this wiki, to make suggestions, add resources, and help co-produce our network. The conference and network are open to all PhD students, academics and practitioners whose work is focused on co-production or engages with the changing dynamics of the service-user and service-provider dichotomy.

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This is a wiki, which means you can edit it, make suggestions, add improvements. Since we're trying to use this collaborative space both to build up to and augment the conference and to support a network around it, all ideas are very welcome. Don't worry, if you manage to break anything, your changes can always be undone! You can undo changes yourself - see our help page - or contact someone for further assistance.

To edit any page, click the edit button at the top of the page, add your changes into the text box, and click 'save'. Once saved, your changes should appear on the page immediately. Blue links are active links (i.e. existing pages); red links are links which have yet to be developed.

Never edited a wiki before? You could do a lot worse than go through Wikipedia's introductory Tutorial - it's the same software. You can also play in the coprodnet:sandbox - a test page for getting used to the pos software.

Co-production conference, 4th November 2010. Click image to enlarge.

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